Unprecedented offer extends coverage for business aircraft operators

Perryville, Mo., January 19, 2015– Citing a need to help operators keep cost down in challenging world market, Sabreliner Aviation today introduced an unprecedented 4-year warranty for all aircraft painted at the Sabreliner Aviation center in Perryville, Mo.

“Sabreliner Aviation continues to study ways to help operators remain competitive on a daily basis,” said Sabreliner Aviation President Greg Fedele. “Ensuring their aircraft are protected longer at no additional cost means more flexibility and profits for operators. This is just one of many changes planned in coming months to reestablish Sabreliner Aviation as a world-class problem-solver and partner with operators of business and military aircraft.”

Sabreliner Aviation has the capability to design and paint traditional and exotic paint schemes for customers of aircraft the size of a Falcon 7x and smaller. The cost of painting an aircraft varies with the size of the aircraft and the complexity of the paint scheme.

The company is prepared to support many business aviation platforms and models, including Bombardier, Cessna, Challenger, Embraer, Falcon, Gulfstream, Hawker, and King Air.

Fedele said that the company’s state-of-the-art paint facility and a team of highly trained, experienced aircraft painters gave Sabreliner Aviation the confidence to stretch the warranty from one year to its industry-leading warranty.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to work with operators on this innovation as well as other changes that can reduce cost, scheduling and quality concerns,” Fedele said.

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Sabreliner Aviation LLC

The new Sabreliner Aviation is a highly capable flight support center for civil and military fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. Its ever-expanding capabilities range from basic maintenance and repair to major overhauls, manufacturing, and highly advanced upgrades. A uniquely experienced workforce, deep expertise and ongoing innovation continue to inspire loyalty and trust from a global customer base. For more information, visit the Sabreliner website or call 573.543.2212.

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