BendixKing AeroVue™

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For Citation 560 Series and King Air 90 Series Aircraft

BendixKing AeroVue™ offers operators an unprecedented amount of value.

All-new components for your aircraft. Enjoy all the benefits of an integrated flight deck, including new radios, GPS units, transponder, autopilot, and more.

Fly like it is always VFR. Four displays* with standard SmartView™ Synthetic Vision system significantly enhances situational awareness. *King Air 90 model has three displays

Puts you in control. The flexible user interface provides you with choices for how to use the system. The standard Cursor Control Device means ease-of-use when flying through turbulence.

Ease of use. Enjoy a tighter instrument scan with engine indications and radio tuning located on the Primary Flight Displays. Flatter, drop-down menu options reduce pilot workload.

Professional technology. Shares proven the technology and features found in Honeywell Epic avionics suites for leading business jets.

BendixKing AeroVue™ utilizes a uniquely designed integration of aircraft systems including safety sensors, navigation and terrain database information for enhanced safety and situational awareness. It complies with the ADS-B mandate and enables coupled VNAV profiles, WAAS LPV approaches, and RVSM-compatibility.


A panel built by pilots for pilots. Once you take a look at what’s inside the pilot-designed BendixKing AeroVue™, you’ll wonder why all glass panels are not made this way. BendixKing AeroVue™ benefits from the pedigree and technology found on Honeywell systems flying on a variety of business jets and transport aircraft today.

Standard Features:

Four high-res displays* – Two 12” LCD Primary Flight Displays (PFDs) + two 10” LCD Multifunction Displays (MFD) with Interactive Navigation (INAVTM) graphical flight planning

FMS with Flight Director coupled VNAV capability

Dual WAAS GPS receivers

Integrated digital autopilot with yaw damper

Integrated engine instrumentation on the PFDs enables easier pilot scan

Dual-channel Air Data and Attitude Heading Reference System (ADAHRS)

Software-based multi-mode digital radios for navigation and communication

Dual Mode S transponder, ADS-B compliant

Cursor Control Device

FMS keyboard with joystick

Electronic checklists*

PFD contains track centered display for more precise flying

Dual audio panels with Bluetooth® connection and readback functionality

Digital standby attitude module with airspeed, altitude, and slip indication

Interfaces with legacy BendixKing sensors

Full 2-year system warranty


Available Options:

Honeywell SmartView™ Synthetic Vision System

Weather radar

XM Weather

Radar altimeter



Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS)

Charts and maps with vertical profile for terrain

BendixKing AeroWave 100 in-flight connectivity for internet, VOIP, and texts

Upgradable to 14” PFD’s and/or 12” MFD’s*


*King Air 90 model has three displays. Larger screens and Electronic Checklists available only on Citation models.