Citation 550

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Our flight support center provides a complete scope of service and support to the Cessna fleet. Trust the experts for all of your maintenance, repair and overhaul needs.


  • Supporting 550 & 650 Series
  • Service Bulletin & AD Compliance
  • Service Life Extension Programs
  • Modifications & Structural Repair
  • Major & Routine Inspections



  • AeroVue Integrated Flight Deck



  • Authorized Line Service Center (Honeywell TFE731)
  • Thrust Reverser Service

Paint & Interior

Sabreliner Aviation is globally recognized in aircraft painting. Our 32,000-square-foot state-of-the-art paint hangar stands ready for anything from a simple touch-up to complete custom projects that can transform the appearance of your aircraft. Our work surpasses the high standards discerning owners and operators demand.

Combining comfort with craftsmanship, our interior artisans create cabin interiors to your specifications with attention to detail, durability and aesthetics. Seating arrangements, galley capabilities, cabin electronics, entertainment systems, fabrics and other materials are all chosen to be a reflection of your industry image and to best serve your mission requirements.


The Sabreliner Aviation avionics team provides a full spectrum of avionics installation, engineering, troubleshooting and repair. Our FAA-certified avionics technicians and installers are available to provide whatever technical support you may need. Plus we provide modifications and product support for virtually all types of avionics equipment, including custom entertainment and lighting systems as well as upgrades to all major avionics systems.

Non-Destructive Testing (Level III)

Detection of flaws is a necessary step in determining the proper required repair. Sabreliner Aviation provides Level III Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services, including dye penetrant, eddy current, magnetic particle, ultrasonic and x-ray processes.

Aircraft Upgrades

AeroVue Integrated Flight Deck